Some people say wasting time on video games is a way to flush your life down the toilet. In Japan, those people would be right.

Sega has just broken the seal on a new style of gaming that brings the action to the bathroom. The gaming company is planning to install above public urinals Toylets that allow restroom users to play four mini-games controlled by their own urine.

Male commuters who stop for a bathroom break at four Tokyo metro stations will be able to challenge themselves by peeing on a pressure sensor, which measures the forcefulness of their urine stream, according to

The sensor sends that information to a screen above the porcelain urinal, where users can keep real-time tabs on their bathroom performance.

The games are pretty straightforward:
"Manneken Pis" calculates exactly how much a player peed.

In "Graffiti Eraser," players try to urinate forcefully to blast graffiti off a wall.

In "The North Wind and Her," gamers act as the wind, attempting to lift a woman's dress with powerful blasts.

In "Milk From Nose," players go head to head with the previous urinal user to see who has the strongest flow. The gamers appear as sumo wrestlers who squirt milk from their noses to push their peers out of the ring.

Gamers who are proud of their performance will reportedly be able to download their high scores onto a flash drive.

For Sega, the Toylet could turn out being a chamber pot of gold. By selling advertisements between games, the company hopes to be flush with cash, according to
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  1. Can i have one for my bathroom... ?

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