Diplomats, soldiers, politicians and economists all love a good acronym. Here is one of the five of the most misleading, insulting, and just plain annoying acronyms.


What does it stand for?
Research and independent non-governmental organization, business and industry non-governmental organization, and government-organized non-governmental organization.

What is it?
As the influence and prominence of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) has grown in international affairs, a subfield of civil society taxonomy has grown to distinguish abnormal NGOs. RINGOs (such as the Center for Clean Air Policy) and BINGOS (such as the European electricity industry's Eurelectric) come up frequently in climate-change discussions. GONGO generally refers to organizations set up by authoritarian governments to fake the appearance of civil society. Nashi, Russia's state-organized, pro-Kremlin youth group, is a great example.

Why it's bad:
RINGOs and BINGOs just sound silly, bringing to mind a Beatles concert in a church basement more than and public-private partnerships to address emissions standards. Creating the designation BINGO also implies, inaccurately, that normal NGOs are completely independent from the interests of industry. In fact, many so-called independent NGOs rely on corporate donations for their activities. As for GONGOs, an acronym generally shouldn't directly contradict itself. Why not just call them what they are? Government agencies.

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What's your least favorite acronym?

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3 Responses
  1. David Funk Says:

    Yeah, that is the first thing that hit my mind was the Beatles before I even finished reading it. And I agree it sounds like a concert in a church basement.

    Some acronyms are bad, and some are just flat worse than others(like in this case).

    Have a great weekend my dear friend!:)

  2. amiable amy Says:

    really? well, thanks for the info hehehe

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