If you have got a sweet ride, but don’t have the ability to grow facial hair, the Mustache Car Decal by Urban Decal will rid you of your woes. Instead of sporting facial hair on yourself, these quirky car accessory give your precious automobile the opportunity to don a mustache.

You have probably already named you car, so why not take it a step further and give it an extra kick of personality? Urban Decal offers an extensive array of facial hair styles. From the more Parisian to the more conservative facial hair, customers are sure to find the perfect fit.  

They’re available in a variety of colors from your generic black and white to something a little saucier like orange or lime green, or if you’re into putting more bling on that ’98 Ford Escort, silver and gold.

Car lovers can rest easy knowing that these high-quality decals have permanent hold, but can be easily removed without causing damage. With the Mustache Car Decal by Urban Decal automobiles, individuals can showcase some stellar mustache styles they wish they had.

via trendhunter.com
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