We all know about the secret world of fetishes, and for the most part, although they may not be for everyone, they are harmless.

While some fetishes may stretch the boundaries of the conventional, a man in Thailand who was arrested for possession of 10,000 pairs of women’s underwear pushed the envelope far beyond the realm of the acceptable.

Police found a horde that was not to be believed: 1,000 pairs in the man’s vehicle and more than 10,000 pairs in his home.

The 48–year-old man was arrested with an accomplice after he broke into a building located in Bangkok’s Chinatown.

The suspect admitted to police that he had been stealing and collecting panties since he was 18. But perhaps that’s not the worst of it.

“He smelled them all the time, even while driving,” said police Major General Saroj Promcharoen.

They could arrest him only for breaking and entering, but not for stealing property because no one has reported the underwear stolen, legally translating to the lack of a plaintiff.

It would seem that this tale of pilfered panties comes straight from the annals of the Guinness World Records, or better still, Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

A better trick might be stealing the panties from the women while they are still wearing them. Perhaps our man was brushing up for that finale.

The world may never know.

Go figure (and hang onto your panties).

And if you din’t think this news was funny, check out the video below, this guy’s version hilarious.

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