CALL it the iCEO mini - three months after his death, late Apple Inc co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs has been immortalised as a 12" (sixth-scale) action figure.

Toy companies in icons and Dragon in Dream unveiled the figure on New Year's Day in tribute to the tech visionary who gave the world the Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod.

The figure (don't call it a doll!) features a realistic likeness and Jobs's trademark black turtleneck, jeans and sandshoes. But while publicity photos feature a miniature Mac, iPhone and iPad, they sadly won't be included.

The figure is due for release in late February for $US99.99 plus shipping.

iPAD MINI: The Steve Jobs figure sports mini Apple gadgets in promotional shots, but unfortunately they won't be included.

Apple or Jobs's family might take action to block the use of Jobs's likeness, as they did in 2010 when a company called MIC Gadget attempted to sell Jobs action figures on eBay.

However DID has released unauthorised figures in the past, depicting such famous people as US President Barack Obama.
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