A fan of the festive season in Round Rock, Texas has rigged up a series of 25,000 Christmas lights - all set to an interpretation of the theme tune to popular smartphone game Angry Birds.

The impressive minute long display - seen here being tested in advance of Christmas - is set to a cover version of the theme song by artist Pomplamoose, and is just one of a number of musical spectacles arranged by the US household.

Using sequencing software, thousands of lights and many metres of wiring, John Storms is able to rig any song he chooses to the resplendent display.

However, the Angry Birds inspired tune is a slight departure for homeowner Mr Storms who normally lights up Christmas hits.

According to his website, listentoourlights.com, which contains a handy 'how-to' guide for those aspiring to emulate the festive flourish, Mr Storms says he chose the Angry Birds song because of his love for the novelty game.

As well as posting his creations on YouTube, passers-by are able to experience the full effect of Mr Storms yuletide arrangements; the music is transmitted on low-power FM so they can watch and listen from their cars.

Some online viewers are happy to remain just that however, one commentator jokingly remarking: "I would hate living near you".

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