Steve Jobs biography preliminary review indicates this book is very interesting. Jobs biography was said to be a rich portrait of one person with the best minds of his era. Here are some startling facts about Steve Jobs in the biography.

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1. Where did the name Apple originate?

Executek, Matrix, to Personal Computers Inc. are the names that had considered Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak for technology companies that will they founded. Jobs express the name Apple after returning from an apple farm and eventually the name was used. "This name sounds fun, vibrant and not intimidating," said Jobs.

2. Bill Clinton asked for advice to Jobs about Monica Lewinski scandal

Bill Clinton's scandalous affair with Monica Lewinski had horrendous United States in the decade of the 1990s. Clinton who looked confuse, asked Jobs for advice. "I do not know you had an affair, but if it is true, you must tell that thing to (citizens) this country," advices of Jobs to Clinton.

3. Why Jobs is always wearing a black sweater?

Jobs appearance identically with a black sweater, it started when Jobs visited the Sony factory in Japan and meet employees there in uniform. He loved it and had thought that Apple employees were in uniform too. Although it was not so accomplished, Jobs decided to create a unique outfit for himself. So he always wore a black sweater, designed by Japanese designer Issey Miyake.

4. Jobs disillusioned with Barack Obama

Jobs is a supporter of President Barack Obama. But he was disappointed with some of Obama's policies and at the time the two met, Jobs are expecting Obama will serve only one period. Jobs argued the government should be more friendly to business circles and reforming education.

5. Jobs initially refusing cancer surgery

At first Jobs refused a cancer operation that could potentially save his life. Jobs apparently did not like if someone ‘open’ his body . "He really not ready to 'open' his body," said Jobs's wife, Laurene Powell.

6. Jobs had rejected the idea of ​​an application for Apple devices

Application services are Apple's key success factors. But who would have thought at first Jobs does not like the idea of ​​a third party may make application for Apple devices due to various reasons such as the possibility of virus attacks. But finally, Jobs was convinced to allow the application on the Apple device.

7. Jobs felt depressed during the launch of the iPad first generation

Various criticisms lunged at the launch of the Apple iPad though ultimately this gadget is successful. This device was considered lack features. "'I seem to get depressed today," Jobs said in Isaacson, night after Jobs introduced the iPad.

8. Jobs wrath on Google

"I'll spend my last breath if necessary and I would spend all the Apple money of USD 40 billion in the bank, to correct this error. I will destroy the Android because it is a stolen product," said Jobs on Android. He did not accept Google's stealing iPhone ideas on Android.
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