Grand Central's Whispering Gallery

With Valentine's Day around the corner, GloboMaestro asked its insider experts to reveal their most romantic destination spots.

From a "Sex and Science" tour in San Francisco to a secret whispering gallery in New York, GloboMaestro's concierges highlight the hottest ideas, and the best ways to experience them.

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New York: Pop the Question at Grand Central's Whispering Gallery
On Grand Central's dining concourse right by the Oyster Bar you can whisper sweet nothings into one of the ceramic arches -- and then have your loved one hear you from the diagonal arch across the way as if you were talking face to face...

San Francisco: Take a "Sex and Science" Tour at The Academy
This Valentine's Day, love is in the air -- and in the water, and on land. That, at least, is what you can expect if you come celebrate the amorous joys of the animal kingdom at the California Academy of Sciences, which is hosting a private "Sex and Science" tour of the museum...

New York: Sample Aphrodisiac Truffles
What initially drew me to Vosges was the rich, chocolatey scent wafting down the street. Literally, you just follow your nose to this pretty little boutique on New York's Upper East Side: all plum walls, crystal chandeliers, and white filigree...

Miami: Dine Under the Stars
A sure-fire recipe for romance in Miami includes one or more of the following: a candle-lit table for two; a view of the ocean; and a sea of stars. Red Fish Grill checks all of these boxes...

Santa Monica: Go Tandem Biking
In Santa Monica, you only need one excuse to get up close and personal with your honey: a bicycle built for two! Rent a tandem bike from Blazing Saddles at the Santa Monica Pier, and head for the lovely Venice canals...

New York: Score Some Luxury Candles For Your Lover
Since 1884, Cire Trudon has operated only one store in the world -- in Paris. Now, the luxury French candle maker has opened a second store in New York. These candles aren't cheap, but they smell divine. If, like your love, you want them to burn long, this is the place to get them...

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    A Whispering Gallery! I'm intrigued! Happy Valentine's Day!

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