A single woman looks at bachelors on display at a new store in Paris (Picture: Reuters)

Shopaholics looking for love can head to the heart of the French capital (Paris) to a newly opened store in one of the city's main shopping districts, which promises a high-end shopping experience.

Ladies looking for love can take a peek at eligible bachelors standing behind glass panels on display at the pop-up retail unit opened by French dating site adopte-un-mec (adopt-a-guy).

Alternatively they can search through hundreds of Polaroid photos pinned up on a notice board to see if anyone catches their eye.

A single woman looks at bachelor's photos on display (Picture: Reuters)
One of the men, Arnaud Dimard, 24, told Le Point: 'It’s nothing like the girls in Amsterdam - there’s no prostitution and we’re there to serve these young ladies.'

Created in 2008 the popular site, which invites men to sign up and post profiles online, recently decided to expand its operations with a travelling road show.

It will showcase the men for ten days in Paris before going to a host of other cities including Brussels, Lausanne, Toulouse and Lyon.

Communication director Thomas Pawlowski said: 'Girls can come and do their shopping among friends; we’re just showing our fun side... it’s ironic, our marketing is all pretty wacky, there’s no smutty connotation to it.'

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